delicious guilt-free almond joy

Come about 9:45pm I hear their little voices calling to me. “Eat me!”, they say. Their collective cries beckon, their decibel increasing exponentially, depending on what’s got my ear. Something sweet tucked on the cake plate? Something savory in the chip cupboard?

Nothing quiets their calls like surrendering to their pleas and filling my bowl or plate with something yummie to eat.

Wait right there. I know you. You were already thinking about getting a snack, yes?

This treat, my guilt-free almond joy, will satisfy, and not leave you with eater’s remorse, or tighter jeans.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Greek coconut yogurt (I like the yoplait individual servings @ 120 calories)
  •  1/2 tbsp milk chocolate sauce
  • a light sprinkling of toasted shaved almonds (to toast: place in frying pan on stove for approx. 5 mins, remove from heat when lightly brown)

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