the Hungry Kid hits Mackinaw Island!

Growing up in Michigan, it’s easy to take all the great state has to offer for granted.

But, speaking as a Michigan-der that moved away for a brief number of years, there’s nothing that quite compares to living near ‘The Lake’, having an abundance of seasonal fruits & veggies at your fingertips and all the amazing family friendly tourist destinations (like Mackinaw Island) just a tank of gas away.

This was my sweet girl’s first time at Mackinaw, but it will not be her last.

Friends, I hope you enjoy a glimpse into a fantastic day trip.


What a wonderful surprise to find our ferry was scheduled to make a pass under ‘the’ bridge! A little known fact, the Mackinac bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere!


The views were spectacular, providing a unique opportunity to see the underside of the bridge and the channel.


After pausing for pictures, our ferry resumed its quick trip to the island–only taking roughly 30 minutes.


The entire clan loaded up on a narrated carriage ride around the island to learn about local history, politics and folk-lore. Schaeffer especially enjoyed taking a turn helping to ‘drive’ the carriage by holding the reins.


One of the stops on our carriage ride, the arch rock, was a stunning demonstration of the splendor of Creation. How blessed we are to live in such a beautiful state!


The whole family–minus the Hungry Dad–who was behind the camera, taking a quick time out of our island tour for a picture in front of the historical Governor’s house.


Cutie cousins sitting on the wall of the historic ‘Fort’.


“Fire away!” Schaeffer posing with her cousins, Tobi & Hazel, outside the fort on Mackinaw Island

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