3-Day Sun Pickle Tutorial

If there was a pickle-eaters anonymous; I would have to join.

The sure sign of a serious habit? Your family begins to cower and hide, watching as the last of the pickles disappear.

Are they really that good? You ask.

Yes, really. When I fail to put the pickles out a party, my friends are all too quick to nudge me, and ask, “umm… didn’t you forget something?”

So, the secret’s out. Now you too can have the pickles. Anytime you want them. Unless of course, its January and you underestimate just how delicious these babies taste just before bed.

3-Day Sun Pickles!
Step one: Make your brine. Combine 6C Water, 3C Vinegar, 1/2C Salt & 1/4tsp Alum. Bring to a gentle simmer, stir until completely dissolved.

DSC_0725Step two: wash pickles well, making sure all dirt and sand is removed. Trim ends as needed.


Step three: prepare items to pack in jars. Peel garlic, trim ends of peppers and cut dill florets.


Step four: pack jars tightly, alternating between pickles, dill, garlic and peppers. Once the jar has been packed tightly to the top. Fill jar with brine. Cover with press-n-seal & lid. Place outside in bright sun for 3 full days. After the three days, keep refrigerated & enjoy!


Printable recipe:

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 4.50.12 PM

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