Grandma’s sweet-n-sour pickles


Just as with the delicious dill pickles from yesterday that you can find here, Grandma’s sweet-n-sour pickles are a summertime staple in our home. In fact, I cannot possibly consume a burger, grilled sausage or cracker with cheese without one of these crunchy pieces of sunshine on top. There is just something magical about the way they snap in your mouth, bringing the perfect amount of acid and sweet–not being overly bitter or sweet–always just right.

Is your mouth watering as much as mine?

Make some, you’ll see. After all, these are from my Grandma’s kitchen. It’s not like they could possibly be bad.

Enough chit chat! Let’s get to making!
Step One: Gather your ingredients.

DSC_0727Step two: add sugar, vinegar, spices, salt and onion. Stir until the sugar is completley dissolved.
DSC_0739 DSC_0742 DSC_0747 DSC_0749photo copy 2 photo copyStep three: add the pickles, stirring as you add making sure all the pickles are coated with the sugar & spice mixture. Pack the pickles in the jar to the top, filling it tightly.


photoStep four: Seal the jar with press-n-seal and put on the lid tightly. Put in fridge for 5 days, turning over each day (for example, right side up day one, upside down day two, right side up day three, etc). Keep sealed at least five days.


Printable Recipe:

Grandma’s sweet-n-sour pickles


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