our garden was eaten by a jungle.

It was early June before we got our garden planted and it seemed as though nothing would ever grow. My friends would boast of their dinnertime feasts–beans, lettuce, broccoli–all homegrown and delicious. I admit it, I was green with envy.

Daily, I would walk to the backyard, whispering sweet nothings to our plants, urging them to grow. Willing them to grow. For what seemed like weeks, nothing.

Then we went on vacation.

We arrived back home no longer possessing a garden, but a jungle. Take a peek.

DSC_0761Meet our man-eating tomato plants. Do not get too close.

DSC_0764Scotch bonnet peppers



Purple beans



Zucchini squash blossomsDSC_0781 DSC_0782

Roma tomatoesDSC_0785Our rabid rabbit eaten broccoli. News-flash Mr. Rabbit: your days on the Ott buffet are limited. Enjoy it while you can.

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