Pin2Plate: Snowmageddon Edition!



Happy new year, friends! We have enjoyed a lengthy hiatus from thehungrykid, and are ready to jump back in feet first.

I’m not sure what the weather may bring to your neck of the woods over the next few days, but our giddy forecasters are touting the possibility of three feet of snow. Yes, feet. In addition to the staggering amount of accumulation, there will be blowing and drifting that could create six foot drifts in places. (Personally, I’m a bit skeptical…).

So, like any good Michigander, we headed to the grocery today, armed with a list that could feed a small European country. We shopped our pants off–and two heaping carts later, we’re ready to cook, bake and boil to our heart’s content.

If you’d like to join our Snowmageddon extravaganza, here are the recipes that we’ve stocked the fridge to make:

1. Panera’s Stove Top Mac n Cheese:

2. Tomato Soup with Quinoa & Feta:

3. Homemade Naan:

4. Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls (and Family Favorite!!):

5. Philly Cheese Steaks:

Have a suggestion for Pin2Plate? Let us know! Looking for dinner ideas? Check out my pinterest boards you’ll find lots of yummie ideas for both you and your family!




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