You brought your kids?!?

25-manners-for-kids001Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.21.14 PM


How often have you heard those exact words?
You brought your kids??!

Or, when you arrive to the party, minus your kids–and see friends with their kids, you’re the one to say it?

It’s no secret my husband and I owe a great debt of gratitude to our parents. We’re very blessed to have parents who operated under the mindset that with the proper preparation, a child could act appropriately in any social setting.

A wedding & reception? No problem. A five star restaurant? Easy-peasy. Sitting thru church, quietly? The expectation.

How, you ask? Our parents provided us with the skills and tools necessary–in advance. There was no question about acceptable behavior, we knew.

All that to say, when my oldest daughter was very young–barely two, we were struggling to find our way with discipline. Everyone had an opinion, and nothing felt quite right. Then, I came across the above sheet.

Everything just clicked. I had a tangible tool to teach my sweet girl so much more than please & thank you-I could now teach the tools of kindness.

As we taught Schaeffer the tools of kindness, we told her repeatedly that these were the special things that ‘open the doors of the world’.

As we as adults know, politeness & manners, these things matter. I know personally, I’m much more apt to encourage friendship for my children with a polite child, just as I’m more likely to be friends with a gracious woman.

The good news? Manners can be learned! It’s never too late! Just as I had a tangible tool, now so do you. Take it & use it!


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