2/52 the Bubars


Growing up, I didn’t have an appreciation of the value of being rooted in a small(er) community for a long period of time . I’ve grown to have deep love for the people who’ve loved my people for many years–the countless families who have gotten into the trenches–celebrating & rejoicing in the good, weeping & comforting in the hard.

Pastor Phil & Lisa Bubar are without question one of these families–they’ve known my husband since he was 17. They knew Griffin as he graduated from high school & college, they  watched us get married, they’ve prayed for our kids–both before and after they were born, and are the constant in our church–steadfastly holding to the truth of God’s word.

It was a delight to have them at our table, listening to Lisa share about the defining moments in her life, and to Pastor Phil discuss his cherished childhood memories.

It’s such a gift to have roots that go down deep into the soil of the community of people that you’re blessed to do life with. It supersedes all the superficial–and sustains in the moments of crisis. If you don’t have these people, start watering the relationships you do have. Before you know it, the roots will begin to deepen and grow.



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