what is your dream?

“Where people where hurting, he stepped in to help. Sometimes it didn’t go well, but he kept going. Some days were hard, but he kept going. Love does that, it keeps going. Even when things are dark. Things won’t always be awesome, but your response can be. Isn’t it cool that we can change things? Like any of us, anybody? He dreamed, and he changed things. He kept dreaming and shared his dream and it became other people’s dream.”


Oh friends, let’s choose today to demonstrate great love. Let’s hold fast to the dream we barely dare to dream–the one that makes our pulse race and our palms sweaty. To dare to make the radical difference in the world only we can make.

To raise children that have vision–and understand they were placed on the earth with a purpose only they can fulfill. And they, together with their Creator, can chase their dream and change an entire world. That there is nothing too hard, too scary or too big for them if it is the one thing they were made to do.

Let’s begin today, talking to our sons and daughters–figuring out what those things are and giving them the tools they need to achieve their dreams. Realizing that more often than not our kids don’t dream about attending a fancy college, making a crap ton of money, living in the right zip code, and having two point one children. We do.

To love our kids well, we need to look beyond our hopes and dreams for our kids & begin to ferret out exactly what it is that makes their heart beat fast. What it is that your daughter does in her free time. What your son can’t stop talking about. Then, go and learn all you can together about this thing. Love your kids fiercly and well. Make sure they know that your love isn’t continent on success or achievement. Show them that when you say ‘I love you’ it transcends what they do, and permeates all they way down into the very fiber of their beings.

This friends, is the way to share the legacy of a man who lived for love and the belief that every person has the capacity within to be great.



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