3/52 small group


Six years of life.

156 times around the table.  Countless prayers & hundreds of emails.

We’ve rejoiced over babies, longed for babies, mourned babies. We’ve shared great parent teacher conferences, encouraged one another with struggling students and prayed for our kid’s classrooms.

We’ve cried over jobs–needing a job, hating a job, wishing for a job and no longer wanting a job. We’ve prayed for God to move mountains, and have rejoiced together when He did. We’ve watched friends come & go, but the same core group has remained thru the years.  Our kids have grown together, and sweetly, are bonded as tightly as we are.

There’s just something about doing life together. It ties you together in a way that scrolling thru a feed or scanning a picture reel cannot. Glimpses of a scrubbed reality cannot possibly compare to getting into the messy reality of another person’s ‘realness’.

There’s comfort in knowing that despite the mess, someone will show up. Despite the ugliness on the inside, someone will love you. Despite the (fill in the blank) _______ you have a person that loves you no matter what.

This security comes from knowing that you’ve been loved in an extravagant way by an extravagant God–and that you too can love others extravagantly in return.

I’m so grateful that my family has experienced this kind of love. What a great gift, and how blessed we are.

*Please forgive the fact that I totally spaced on snapping a picture. The good news is we’ll be together again next Thursday!


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