5/52 Supper Club Girls

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.57.33 AM

This group of women. They are my people.

I could tell you much about each of them, and about our lives together. I could tell you about how extraordinary they are, how much they love God, their families, and each other. About how I see Jesus in the way they live each day–how they sacrifice their desires for the good of the ones they love, how they do it joyfully, without complaint.

I’ve learned much from each of them, most often not by what they’ve said, but by how they live and love. I could tell you how much I love each women uniquely–and how I’d do anything for them–because they are my people.

But most of all, I would encourage you–these girls–they are the answer to a prayer that seemed unanswered for YEARS. I pleaded with God to give me women who loved Him, who would love me, too. He loves you, and has your best in His heart too.

Perhaps today is your day to start asking for that one thing you’ve been longing for?

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