The hungry kid is a place where daily life intersects generous hospitality–one plate & party at a time. There’s nothing quite like doing life at the table: the stresses of life melt away, friendships are born and lives are woven together all while passing the bread, spreading the butter and sipping the wine.

If you struggle with fitting in a family meal, much less entertaining–we’re so glad you’re here! You’ll find tips & tricks to make entertaining effortless and stress free. If you desire to teach your kids proper manners and etiquette of the table, you’ll find tools here in fun & easy to apply techniques.

Much of this site’s inspiration stems from our hungry kid, Schaeffer Jo, who thrives in the kitchen. Desiring to instill healthy food habits, we began blogging as a journal of healthy and fun food options that the entire family would enjoy.

Schaeffer Jo is a warm-hearted and bursting at the seams full of life third grader. Nearly from birth, we knew that SJ would be a child hungry for life–she fills the world with sunshine, devours books, finds her happy in the ballet studio, and has never met a stranger. As much as she enjoys a fast-paced life, she’s equally content scooping out cookies or making pickles in the kitchen with many generations of family women.

Griffin works in the family business and is a lieutenant in the local fire department. He enjoys spending Saturdays in the backyard firing up the smoker and cheering on the Cubs. You could also find him touring our area’s surplus of fine microbreweries and adding to his growler collection.

Kate ‘retired’ from the Ad business a few years back–but while the checks stopped coming, she hasn’t stopped working. She enjoys using her gifts & talents serving on committees at church and freelances occasionally for interior design clients. Kate also finds fulfillment spending time in Schaeffer’s classroom and chumming around with her supper club girlfriends.

(Not one to be missed, Grace Caroline is our sweet baby daughter. Her nickname is Grinz. The name sums up her disposition perfectly.)

Join us as we fill our Table throughout this year with new experiences, new adventures, new people and new places. Table52 will be an adventure not to be missed.






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