pin to plate!

Hi friends, happy Monday! I’m excited about this week’s pin to plate, it’s a recipe I’ve been anxious to try: Grilled Coconut Sweet Potato Kebabs! Coconut oil seems to be sneaking its way into many homes, and the combination of the sweet potato and coconut sounds too good to pass by. Here’s what you’ll need…

the famous burrito blanket

Necessity is the mother of all invention, or so they say. That certainly is the case with this DIY–my Hungry Kid loves Mexican food. But throw a burrito her way–and forget about it. There’s no two ways about it, that tortilla is not staying rolled. I’ve tried toothpicks–“they’re too pokey.” I’ve tried quesadillas–“they don’t taste the same!”…

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stop force feeding your kids!

“Mothers should stop forcing or restricting their kids’ eating,” she said. “They’d be better off providing a healthy food environment, adopting balanced eating habits themselves and covertly controlling their children’s diet quality by not bringing less healthy foods into the house.” Science Daily, March 2012 read more here